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  • Do your shopping with us. It’s time to throw that paper away for good, because you can use QuikFind’s shopping feature, to create multiple shopping lists. You can even share them!

  • Once you press the “Let’s go Shopping” button on the main menu, the app will take you to where all your shopping lists are stored. If you plan to shop in the listed stores, you can use one of their default lists, or you can create your own shopping list by pressing the “Create Your Shopping” button.

  • You can either type in an item or use the “Press and Speak” button to say the item.

  • If you choose to enter an item via voice, press the “Press and Speak” button and say ‘ADD’ for each item you want to put in your list. For example, if you’d like to add eggs and milk, say “Add eggs, add milk”.

  • You can make changes to any item, by pressing down on the item until another screen appears. You can:

    • Delete the item

    • Edit the name of the item

  • You can make changes to the list by pressing the settings icon on the bottom right corner. You can:

    • Change the name of the list

    • Reset your list, which will untick all the items crossed off

    • Delete all items off your list

  • To tick off an item, click on the item. Once you do that, a red line will appear across the item and it will be moved to the other items section.

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