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  • You will need to create a QuikFind account to use certain features i.e. shared lists and leaving reviews.

  • You can use Facebook, Apple ID (iOS only) or Google Sign In to login to QuikFind or create a new account altogether. To create a new QuikFind account, go to “Settings”, “Sign In” and then press “New Account”.

    • If you create an account using an email, please check your inbox or spam folder to view your confirmation email.

    • If you create an account using a mobile number, please type in the passcode you have received by text.

  • Once you have an account, you can add an email and mobile number to it. This will allow your friends and family to add you to their lists through multiple ways.

  • You can do multiple things to your account by pressing the “Account Settings” button. You can change your password, update your mobile number or email, or delete your account altogether.

  • You need to be logged in to update your email or mobile number.

    • To update your email, press “Settings” from the main menu, press “Account Settings” and then “Update Email”. Enter your new email and click on the confirmation link in your inbox or spam.

    • If you are updating your mobile number, choose “Update Mobile Number” instead. Follow the steps shown on the screen.

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